FitBUX Sign-up Competition

Many have asked how to best spread the (good) word about FitBUX. We’ve got some great news (and money!) to share:

We’re launching a “sign-up contest” starting today to give you and your fellow students and/or graduates a chance at free FitBUX tracking services as well as entries to our raffle for a $500 Amazon gift card.

Here are the details:

Duration: From September 27, 2017 until December 17, 2017

Because there is nothing like a good school rivalry, we’re doing this at the school level and will publish updated rankings every Monday.

The Rules and Prizes

  • For the PT school with the most new FitBUX members during our contest:
    1. All FitBUX members from this school (new and existing) will get free FitBUX’s tracking services for a year.
    2. Each FitBUX member from this school (new and existing) will get ONE entry to our raffle for a chance to win a $500 Amazon Gift Card.
  • For the schools that do not finish #1, each FitBUX member from these schools (new and existing) will get ONE entry to our raffle to win a $500 Amazon Gift Card.

Help us get the word out on social media and increase your odds of winning!

In addition, new and existing FitBUX members have an opportunity to earn additional entries to our raffle by helping spread the word on Facebook.

Entries are cumulative and there is no maximum number of entries one can earn:

  1. Like the weekly rankings (5 entries)
  2. Comment on the weekly rankings update (15 entries)
  3. Share the weekly rankings update (30 entries)
  4. Like Our Facebook Page (50 entries)
  5. Build A Profile At FitBUX (75 entries),
  6. Have A call with a FitBUX Coach (100 entries)

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Schools With The Most FitBUX Members (As of 12/08/2017)


1.The University of Michigan, Flint (0)

2. The University of Southern California (+2)

3. Chapman University (-1)

4. Western University Of Health Sciences (+1)

5. A.T. Still University (-2)

6. The University of Utah (+1)

7. Regis University (+1)

8. Rockhurst University (-3)

9. Pacific University (0)

10. Azusa Pacific University (0)

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